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Dukes Nitemare

Dukes Nitemare is a group of seasoned musicians born and bred in the proud South. The magic was instantly obvious when the band, formed by Kyle “Duke” Miller and Johnny Scott, recorded their

Eponymous Debut (1996)

Eponymous Debut (1996)

eponymous debut release in 1996 – and were showered by accolades by critics, fans, and listeners the world over.

The band’s second effort, “Willows,” was recorded in 1997 and 1998.  However, due to grueling show schedules and appearances at events such as the Philadelphia Music Festival, the effort wasn’t released.

In 1998, L.A. Stubbs returned to the band following a brief hiatus and Donnie Christianson joined as well.  The band headlined the StarFest ’98 tour which included stops from the Florida Keys all the way to Toronto.  Upon their return to the studio in January of 1999, the band realized the “Willows” recordings no longer represented the powerful sound the band had developed with these two powerhouse guitarists, and that effort was scrapped entirely.

Another Town…Another Show (2003)

In 2000, the band began a new undertaking – one which would prove to be a labor of love – in resurrecting some of the songs from the scrapped “Willows” effort and combining them with several

additional road-seasoned tunes.  That effort would ultimately become “Another Town…Another Show,” released in 2003, and by far the bands most successful effort to date.

Please check back often, for news and updates on what “them damned Dukes boys” are up to next!

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